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New real estate
project in Evere

The Gastendelle-Stroobants project, located on the corner of Chemin de Gastendelle 17 and Rue Stroobants 48 in 1140 Evere, is for 18 apartments with contemporary architecture and high energy performance. This human-sized project provides a high quality of life, both because of its location in a residential area and because of the orientation of the apartments, most of which face south or west, thereby allowing the living rooms to benefit from generous natural light.

Rue Stroobants 48
Chemin de Gastendelle 17
1140 Evere

From €265,000

Attractive taxation under eligibility conditions

  • bulding

    18 apartments

  • key

    Delivery spring 2025

  • car

    17 covered


An ideal location

The building is located in a quiet and friendly neighbourhood, surrounded by parks and near the Moeraske nature reserve.

One of the advantages of the project is the quick access to major roads; it is just 7 km from Zaventem airport, 15 minutes from the centre of Brussels and 3 km from Woluwe. Finally, the Gastendelle-Stroobants housing development is particularly well served by public transport, halfway between the Schaerbeek and Bordet stations, and close to bus lines (59, 69), the tram (55) and the Metro (future line 3).

As far as soft mobility is concerned, there are a number of bicycle spaces in the building as well as charging points for cars.


Rue Stroobants 48, 1140
Evere Chemin de Gastendelle 17


Schaerbeek and Bordet stations are both nearby. Bus, tram and Metro (projected). Close to Zaventem National airport.

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    Bus: lines 59, 69 – Bus stop Carli

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    Tram: line 55– Tram stop Tilleul

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    Metro: line 3 (projected), Tilleul Station (projected)


Pleasant residential district

Energy performance

The apartments are built with efficient materials and equipment, and boast thermal insulation.

The building is equipped with a centralised heat pump system which provides heating and also allows some cooling of the apartments during hot periods. The heat production system is carbon-free and renewable, drawing its heat energy from the outside air, producing more energy than it consumes in terms of the electricity needed to operate it. In addition, the system is partly powered by a set of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. This free electricity will reduce residents' energy bill.

The apartments are mechanically ventilated by a C+ type single flow ventilation system with a variable flow rate depending on the CO2 level in the flat. As a result, ventilation is automatically reduced if only a few people or nobody is present. This reduces the power consumption costs for the operation of the ventilation.

A rainwater recovery system also supplies the toilet flushes in the ground floor apartments.

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18 new apartments in Evere

Studio 48m² - 55m²

1 bedroom 64m² - 74m²

2 bedrooms 74m² - 85m²

3 bedrooms 102m² - 127m²